Current projects

Current projects

We are focused on improving trial design in preventative trials through using large-scale data from the cohorts.

We have so far completed the following projects:

  • Understanding the variability in age at onset and disease duration in the different genetic forms of FTD – see Publications
  • Investigation of plasma NfL as a predictor of disease progression in genetic FTD – see Publications
  • Modelling disease progression using data from the GENFI and ALLFTD cohorts – in Submission

Ongoing projects include:

  • Predicting conversion to symptomatic FTD – this study aims to investigate what factors predict someone becoming symptomatic when they are in the presymptomatic period.
  • Language processing in FTD – we are aiming to use novel ways to analyze speech taken from a short recording when people come to a research visit.
  • Digital biomarkers – this study will compare different cognitive apps developed in the different studies.
  • Proteomics – we will compare proteomics results from across the cohorts.
  • Family relatedness – we are trying to understand how related families within the cohorts are across the world.

In order to help with this work we have developed a Minimum Data Set (MDS) across the studies with over 100 harmonised variables including clinical, cognitive, imaging and fluid biomarkers.

This MDS will form the basis of the FPI Database that is currently in development.